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OSLO, NORWAY – October 26, 2018 – Biometric technology company Zwipe appoints Pierre Girod as Head of Certification.

Prior to joining Zwipe, Mr. Girod spent more than ten years at Mastercard, leading card and terminal testing and certification efforts. He served as Head of Labs Accreditation, served on the EMVCo Terminal Approval Working Group and was a key contributor in Terminal Quality Management (TQM) and Card Quality Management (CQM) processes. His technical background features both senior and advisory postings with many global corporations including Gemalto and Sopra Steria.

Pierre will lead Zwipe’s certification efforts, serving as Zwipe’s primary liaison with the payment networks. He will also be responsible for other payment industry affiliated specification bodies such as EMVCo and the FIDO alliance.

Zwipe’s technology platform is currently being integrated by multiple leading card manufacturers into battery-less dual-interface biometric payment cards. Zwipe and its partners are now entering into the phase where dual-interface biometric payment cards can be certified based on specifications defined by the leading payment networks. Together with its partners, Zwipe plans to have such certifications completed by mid-2019.

Commenting on this latest addition to the Zwipe team, André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe, said “over the last few months Zwipe has achieved major technical milestones in preparing our technology platform for certification and commercial deployment,” adding “certifications will continue to be a part of how we operate in the financial services market. We see this as a strategic recruitment for Zwipe as Pierre brings deep certification knowledge and experience to the Zwipe team to successfully handle such important processes.”


About Zwipe AS

Zwipe is a technology solution provider that enables battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within security, financial services and ID applications, Zwipe is “Making Convenience Secure™” for banks, merchants and consumers. Using advanced fingerprint recognition while protecting personal information, Zwipe’s solutions address the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Zwipe has spent the last 10 years developing its unique power harvesting technology platform in combination with security solutions based on international infrastructure standards. To learn more, visit

Media Contact for Zwipe: Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing, +47 930 44 040

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LAS VEGAS, USA – October 22, 2018 – Biometric technology company Zwipe and pioneering wearables technology company Tappy Technologies are proud to announce their partnership to jointly develop and launch biometric enabled wearable payment, access and digital authentication devices. With this agreement Tappy Technologies will be licensing Zwipe’s core intellectual property, enabling biometric authentication in a range of form factors.

Tappy Technologies is an innovative global provider of tokenization services, providing the most essential elements to enable wearable payment applications for major payment schemes, leading issuers and world-renowned fashion labels serving as the primary manufacturer for some of the world’s most recognized watch brands. Speaking on the agreement Wayne Leung, CEO of Tappy Technologies said, “we count some of the biggest payment networks, banks and watch brands in the world as our trusted customers and we strongly believe that the future of wearable payments will be biometric. In 2017 brands partnering with us sold over 85 million units, and we expect to see our wearable payment and tokenization platform deployed in millions of units over the next years and we are proud to partner with Zwipe to enable biometric authentication as part of this portfolio next year.” Adding, “at Tappy we have an insatiable appetite for innovation and our latest offering, a unique biometric wearable solution is going to be a game changer in the wearable payment space as it enables second factor authentication in passive devices, offering the most secure & seamless wearable contactless payment experience to our customers.”

The two companies expect to demonstrate the first prototype before the end of this year.

Commenting on this agreement André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said, “Zwipe is paving the way to enable financial services in wearable devices, in addition to payment cards. Tappy Technologies is a proven leader in this segment and we are very excited to join forces in bringing this innovative solution into the hands of the consumer.”


About Tappy Technologies Ltd.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tappy is a pioneer in wearable payments & access -providing secure, trustworthy solutions. Tappy’s Technology can be fully integrated into form factors like watches, bracelets, jewellery, fitness bands & many other kinds of accessories, instantly transforming them into payment & access devices. Achieving global EMV Standards, Tappy provides the highest level of security for payments and transactions.

Media Contact for Tappy Technologies: Suboor Ahmed, +85263321453 ,

About Zwipe

Zwipe is a technology solution provider that enables battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within security, financial services and ID applications, Zwipe is “Making Convenience Secure™” for banks, merchants and consumers. Using advanced fingerprint recognition while protecting personal information, Zwipe’s solutions address the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Zwipe has spent the last 10 years developing its unique power harvesting technology platform in combination with security solutions based on international infrastructure standards. To learn more, visit

Media Contact for Zwipe: Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing, +47 930 44 040

POSTED : 06,09,18 - 3:04 pm OSLO, NORWAY – 06 SEPTEMBER 2018 – Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that it has strengthened its commercial team with the appointment of Marcio Stervid as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Alliances. Mr. Stervid will drive transformational sales globally through new partners and strategic alliances facilitating and promoting Zwipe’s solutions through direct and indirect channels.

Mr. Stervid has over 28 years of experience working at senior positions for the likes of Verifone, Gemalto and Bank of America.  He has worked predominantly in the payments industry with specific commercial and industrial expertise in issuing, acquiring, transaction processing and omnichannel services and solution sales.

Prior to Zwipe Mr. Stervid led Strategic Partnerships at AltaPay, a subsidiary of Valitor Group, an industry leading omnichannel provider specializing in security-based payment solutions. He holds an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School in the UK, as well as a BA in Systems Analysis and an MA in Business Administration from prominent universities in Brazil.


About Zwipe

Zwipe is a technology solution provider that enables battery-less, ultra-low-power, self-contained biometric authentication solutions. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within security, financial services and ID applications, Zwipe is “Making Convenience Secure™” for banks, merchants and consumers. Using advanced fingerprint recognition while protecting personal information, Zwipe’s solutions address the data theft pitfalls inherent in traditional authentication methods. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Zwipe has spent the last 10 years developing its unique power harvesting technology platform in combination with security solutions based on international infrastructure standards. To learn more, visit

Media Contact for Zwipe: Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing, +47 930 44 040
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SHENZHEN, CHINA,  28 AUGUST, 2018 - Biometric technology company Zwipe and Silone CardTech, a VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay and JCB certified card manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China have announced a partnership to launch battery-less dual-interface biometric payment cards with banks and loyalty programs in China.

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Silone CardTech, William Ju said “We thoroughly evaluated the various offerings in the market and Zwipe’s technology platform was the only offering genuinely capable of performing battery-less dual-interface biometric authentication within the rigors of the existing payment card ecosystem, enabling us to offer our customers, some of the largest banks and loyalty programs in China, a cutting edge solution that we are confident will be well received in the marketplace.”

Silone CardTech specializes in manufacturing a range of card products, tokens, modules, inlays, key fobs and smart wristbands. They have an established customer base predominantly in China and the Asia Pacific region, offering solutions for access control, government identification, ticketing, retail and banking markets. Silone has already received interest from customers for biometric payment cards with pilots expected to be identified in the coming months.

Speaking on the partnership, André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said “We are happy to add Silone as a trusted manufacturer to our growing list of partners as banks in the region and the world are demanding the convenience and security that our unique technology enables.”

Silone CardTech will be presenting their battery-less dual interface biometric payment card at Trustech in Cannes, France this November.


About Silone CardTech
Founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China, Silone CardTech specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of high quality contactless, contact and dual-interface smart cards, as well as manufacturing and design of production and testing equipment for the smart card industry. With subsidiaries in Hong Kong and USA, Silone products are used worldwide in the market such as banking, secure physical and logical identification and access, public transportation, GSM, etc. For more information please visit

Media Contact for Silone CardTech: Jacky Song,,  +86 755 26993500

Media Contact for Zwipe: Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing:, +47 930 44 040

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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS,  4 JUNE, 2018 - According to a research study completed by market research agency Motivaction, over 1000 respondents throughout the Netherlands representing a diverse range of participants from 18 to 65 years of age and older expressed their perceptions of contactless payment and biometrics as part of a study comissioned by Zwipe.


  • The Dutch like to use contactless payment, but want to do it safely, with most participants expressing concerns surrounding security

  • 50% believe that paying with biometrics will be the future of banking

  • Zwipe is the first to offer battery-less fingerprint recognition technology for payment cards

Contactless payment was introduced to the Netherlands in 2013.  Many Dutch consumers have been issued dual-interface payment cards and are using payment applications on their smartphones to complete contactless transactions where available. When completing a contactless transaction a consumer simply needs to present their card within close proximity to the payment terminal in order to complete the payment. To limit fraud and appease initial consumer concerns surrounding contactless, banks have imposed transactions limits. In the Netherlands card payments of more than 25 EUR require a PIN code, in addition to some older cards requiring a PIN code after five transactions below the limit. Most merchants and retailers support the latest payment terminal technology allowing for contactless payment.

The core findings support conclusions that Dutch people, young and old, find contactless payment convenient. On the other hand, the safety of contactless payment is still a concern, with over 60% fearing contactless skimming and close to 40% believing that it is not secure enough in general. With that in mind, half of the respondents surveyed want their current bank to offer fingerprint authenticated contactless payment as quickly as possible.

Developing innovative solutions that address this challenge is  Zwipe, a pioneer in the field of biometric technology and a leading innovator that has developed a unique technology platform that is embedded in battery-less dual-interface biometric payment cards that are currently being piloted by VISA in multiple regions.

"The research clearly shows that contactless payments in the Netherlands is something that Dutch consumers want," says André Løvestam CEO of Zwipe. "However, security has always been a concern. The fact that you still have to enter a PIN code when completing larger transactions amounts at the moment of payment makes the experience less frictionless and makes the average consumer hesitate to use it in the first place. Zwipe is the first to have developed an innovative and secure solution for integrating fingerprint recognition on payment cards, making the customer journey more frictionless and more secure simultaneously. This allows banks, who are competing like never before, an opportunity to offer their customers the best of both worlds: the ease and speed of contactless with stronger security."

Zwipe is presenting its unique technology offering at during Money20/20 Europe, from 4 to 6 June in the Amsterdam RAI.


For further comments, please contact:

Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing:, +47 930 44 040

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OSLO, NORWAY – 24 May 2018, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Zwipe AS held May 22 2018, Jörgen Lantto was elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, replacing Clas Thelin. In addition, Kim Humborstad, Dorian Barak, Francis van den Bosch, Johan Biehl and Dennis Jones were elected as new board members. Dorian Barak will replace Dr. Lui Ruopeng as board representative for the company’s largest shareholder, Kuang-Chi. Kim Humborstad will act as Deputy Chairman. Lars Windfeldt, Espen Tøndel and Weizi Huang were re-elected.

The new board has substantial combined industry and financial experience and will support Zwipe and its leadership team’s execution of a sharpened strategy focused on commercial success and growth as it integrates its technology platform within the biometric payment cards market first and then into other verticals, services and form factors such as wearables and IoT devices. Together with an ecosystem of partners including global brands within security, financial services and IDs, Zwipe is on a mission of ‘Making Convenience Secure™’ for a wide range of industries and technology form factors.

Below follows a short description of the newly elected Chairman and Board members:

Jörgen Lantto

Mr. Lantto has been a member of Zwipe’s Board of Directors since November 2016 and is a key strategic advisor working closely with the company’s management to shape the path Zwipe takes moving forward. He is the former CEO of Fingerprint Cards AB, one of Zwipe’s key partners supplying  fingerprint sensors. At Fingerprint Cards he also served as CTO and head of strategy and product management. Mr. Lantto has also held a range of senior executive positions at global ICT company Ericsson.

Kim Humborstad

Kim Humborstad founded Zwipe in 2009 (then OrigoID) and worked as its CEO until February 2018, at which time he transitioned to a new role as  Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at Zwipe. As CGO he is focused on identifying new business and technology integration platforms for Zwipe. Mr. Humborstad is the winner of several awards, including but not limited to FERD-award for highest international potential and FinTech award for innovation in payments. He holds a BS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Telemark University College.

Dorian Barak

Mr. Barak is a seasoned private equity investor and fund manager. He is the CEO of Indigo Global, a capital advisory firm, and serves on the boards of directors of companies active in the technology, natural resources and aviation sectors. He is an Executive Director of Kuang-Chi Science Limited and chairs its international activities, which include investments in technology companies in North America, Europe and Israel. He was formerly MD and Head of International M&A at Israel’s largest financial group, attorney with Skadden Arps in New York and Consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Mr. Barak holds a J.D. from Yale Law School, an M.A. from Oxford University and B.A. from UCLA.

Francis Van den Bosch

Francis Van den Bosch serves in several advisory and board roles with start-up companies in the field of technology for the retail banking and payments markets. During the first 15 years of his career he held a number of Sales and Marketing Management roles in the consumer banking sector of Citibank, covering both European and the US markets. He worked as general manager for MasterCard Europe, followed by a global CEO role to set up the global debit POS and ATM system Maestro. Afterwards he headed up a Brussels based company (MCE) that specialized in management development services to international companies.

Johan Biehl

For the last seven years, Johan Biehl, founder and CEO of Biehl Invest AB, has spent most of his time working as a private investor and trader. In addition, he is a member of the board and Investment Manager at Feat Invest AB. Mr. Biehl is focused on small- and micro-cap investments and today has several investments in listed and unlisted companies predominantly in the tech industry. He also has prior experience as an equity research analyst with Remium Nordic AB covering micro-cap companies and has held several positions in B2B sales and sales management. Mr. Biehl holds a degree in finance from Stockholm University.

Dennis Jones

Mr. Jones is the former Chief Operating Officer of TSYS Issuer Solutions, a US-based global payment processing company, prior to which he was the Chairman of Paysafe PLC, a UK-based FTSE 250 global payments company. Mr. Jones holds extensive experience in the fintech, payments and payment processing sectors, having held Executive and Board positions in the UK as Chairman of MasterCard UK Ltd and various Executive roles with RBS and NatWest. He also has experience from the US as Director, President and CEO of RBS National Bank and as a Non-Executive Director of Argus Information Services and Kroger Personal Finance. In addition, Mr. Jones worked in China as an Executive Director of the credit card joint venture between RBS and the Bank of China.

Following these changes, the new Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Jørgen Lantto (chairman)

  • Kim Humborstad (deputy chairman)

  • Lars Windfeldt

  • Espen Tøndel

  • Weizi Huang

  • Francis van den Bosch

  • Johan Biehl

  • Dorian Barak

  • Dennis Jones


For further comments, please contact:

Lisbeth Breum, CFO:, +47 93 22 81 26

Ado Fazlic, VP Marketing:, +47 930 44 040
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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 15 APRIL 2018Digital security world leader Gemalto and biometric technology company Zwipe have partnered with areeba, a financial and payment technology company in the Middle East and Africa, with the support of Unilux Cards, to pilot Visa’s first battery-less dual interface biometric payment card (chip- and contactless-enabled) in the Middle East.

The biometric payment card will be presented by areeba & Visa in partnership with Gemalto and Zwipe, during Seamless Middle East in Dubai. The pilot aims to test the use of fingerprint recognition as a more convenient and secure alternative to PIN or signature to authenticate the cardholder during a transaction.

Commenting on the agreement, Maher Mikati, CEO of Areeba, said: “areeba is committed to investing in new capabilities that deliver better & more secure payment solutions; using fingerprint technology to authenticate a person for payments will provide cardholders a faster, easier and more secure payment process compared to the traditional use of PINs.  We are proud to partner with Visa, Gemalto and Zwipe to run this pilot program in the Middle East and make this innovative product available for financial institutions who are keen to integrate biometric technology into their payment cards to enhance convenience and reduce fraud.”

Nathan Cushnie, Visa’s Head of Digital Solutions for MENA, commented: “Just last month, we released findings from our survey[1] of UAE consumer attitudes towards biometrics which revealed that 98 per cent of consumers surveyed in the UAE are keen to use biometrics such as fingerprint recognition for payments. The pace of digital transformation in the region is opening up new opportunities for innovation, and our partnership with areeba marks another milestone in our commitment to introducing secure and convenient technology that more and more consumers across the region want.”

Commenting on this newest partnership, André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said: “We are proud to partner with leading financial and payment technology companies like areeba who share our first mover vision when it comes to making payments more secure and convenient.” He adds: “We have seen a major surge in interest for our market leading battery-less dual interface biometric payment technology especially in the Middle East and we are confident that millions of consumers will be using their fingerprints and Zwipe technology to securely authenticate themselves and conveniently complete transactions going forward.”


[1] 2018 Biometrics Survey commissioned by Visa and conducted by AYTM Market Research. 500 consumers in UAE were surveyed


Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040

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OSLO, NORWAY – 27 February 2018, Biometric technology company Zwipe’s Board of Directors has appointed André Løvestam (born 1966) as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will replace founder and CEO Kim Humborstad from 1 March 2018.

André Løvestam has a strong career comprising several CEO and other executive positions at publicly listed Nordic ICT and FMCG companies, among them Atea, TeleComputing, Tomra and Orkla. He is currently coming from the position as Head of Asia Pacific at The Future Group (TFG), an international media technology company.

Kim Humborstad, who founded Zwipe and has served as the company’s CEO since 2009, will move to a new role as Zwipe’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO). In his new role, Humborstad will work across the key areas that drive growth and support the alignment between customer and partner needs and Zwipe’s marketing, product development and R&D. Humborstad is also expected to join the Board of Directors subject to election at the upcoming Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in March 2018.

“André Løvestam’s experience and expertise are well suited to the strategic goals of Zwipe, including operational scale-up, increased international sales and corporate financing activities. He has a proven track record as an enthusiastic and successful leader, assets that will be of great value for Zwipe” says Chairman of the Board of Directors, Clas Thelin.

“I am also excited that Zwipe’s founder, Kim Humborstad, will continue to contribute to the company’s development, both in an operational role and as a member of the Board of Directors when approved by the general meeting.”

“The Zwipe team has clear values set on delivering great customer experiences, authenticating people across multiple platforms and markets. I’m looking forward to seeing André Løvestam join the team and lead Zwipe’s scale-up in 2018 and beyond”, Thelin continues.

“As the first company in the world to offer a dual interface fingerprint activated card for Financial Services and other markets, using a proprietary biometric engine to perform full ID verification without the use of batteries or fixed power supply, Zwipe is perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of the expected strong growth for biometrics on a global scale. I am delighted to join the competent Zwipe team and look forward to lead Zwipe’s charge ahead based on a clear strategy and ambitious targets”, says André Løvestam.

Commenting on the appointment, Kim Humborstad said “I am tremendously proud of what we’ve built with Zwipe, taking the biometric card concept from an idea to a strong industry position in an emerging global biometrics market. Now I look forward to sharpen focus on market adoption and top-line growth, while supporting André in building the operational machinery and ensuring the financing required to implement Zwipe’s ambitious growth strategy”.


Further information:

Clas Thelin, Chairman of the Board of Directors

André Løvestam,

Kim Humborstad,

Lisbeth Breum,

POSTED : 17,01,18 - 1:56 pm OSLO, NORWAY – 17 January 2018, – Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that the company in December 2017 raised an additional $1.2 million (NOK 9.6 million) in relation to the $4.3 million (NOK 35 million) private placement of new shares to existing and new investors announced 30 November 2017. This latest round of financing then adds up to $5.5 million (NOK 44.6 million).

The size of the equity capital raise was increased after the extraordinary general meeting held 7 December 2017 to meet demand for shares from existing shareholders.

The latest equity capital round brings the total raised in equity, debt, and grants since inception to $25.6 million (NOK 208 million). Zwipe continues to be owned by both institutional and private investors, in addition to employees and board members. After the transaction, key employees, including the CEO and founder, and board members hold in total 37.2% of the outstanding shares.



Zwipe IR Contact: Lisbeth Breum, CFO +47 93 22 81 26,
POSTED : 05,01,18 - 11:08 am OSLO, NORWAY – 05 JANUARY 2018, – Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Gemalto, the world’s largest card manufacturer, to pilot the first battery-less dual-interface fingerprint activated payment card with Bank of Cyprus.

Gemalto has confirmed multiple upcoming pilots in 2018, with the first of these being with Bank of Cyprus. Commenting on the cooperation, Sylvie Gibert, SVP of Payment Cards at Gemalto said, “We have spent the last 18 months extensively evaluating and confirming the viability of Zwipe’s technology and we are happy that we have now seen great interest from banks all over the world for biometric technology on payment cards, having already identified several issuing banks in multiple regions to participate in the pilot program.”

Fingerprint activated payment cards, are seen as the next major market innovation when looking at card based payments. Consumers will benefit by having a more secure and convenient method of payment that utilizes their own fingerprint to authenticate and complete transactions at checkout. The advanced security enabled by biometrics will remove the need for a 4-digit or longer PIN entry as well as allow for the elimination of transaction limits on contactless payments.  

Commenting on the value of the technology, Kim Humborstad, CEO and founder of Zwipe said “ Many consumers are seeking out ways to avoid having to memorize difficult to remember passwords or PINs. Looking ahead this will be seen as a blast from the past as we continue to integrate the trust of biometrics into payment. Having a more secure method of payment that does not infringe on convenience or consumer privacy is essential. Combining that with the ability to use the card for any type of transaction regardless of amount will make the card top of wallet and top of mind for the consumer.”

Referencing the announcement made by Gemalto, this first of its kind card being piloted by Gemalto and Bank of Cyprus is a fingerprint activated payment card which utilizes Zwipe’s unique energy harvesting capacity and biometric engine to enable the authorized user to complete contactless and contact transactions with the card, without the need for battery power. The card works with existing payments infrastructure as standard point of sale terminals provide the power necessary to operate.

Commenting on this latest cooperation for Zwipe, Kim Humborstad said “receiving Gemalto’s support in bringing our technology to market is a big step for our organization. They have an expansive customer base in every corner of the world and a leading industrialization capacity and know-how required for such innovative products. We share a common vision about the capabilities and capacity of what Zwipe’s technology can offer to banks and consumers moving forward.”


Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040