POSTED : 05,05,15 - 8:33 am

OSLO, NORWAY - MAY 5 2015 - We would like to formally introduce Zwipe's newest team member:  Einar Boije!  In his role as Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Einar bring with him a wealth of experience from high tech sectors including broadcast, media and television.  Approximately 10 years ago, Einar joined a start up (T-VIPS), which grew to become a global leader in providing solutions to the telecommunications industry.

Experiencing first hand how technologies can blossom from ideas to tangible results has inspired Einar to continue working in the fast-paced start-up arena.  At Zwipe, Einar sees the same potential with the technology becoming increasingly commercialized and ultimately providing a real benefit to the end user.

"When I was introduced to Zwipe, I recognized similarities between the industry I was in and the biometrics industry," said Einar.  "We are at the beginning of a significant upward trend in biometrics integration; from financial institutions to government identification.  This is the perfect time to be a part of the confluence of entrepreneurship, innovation and limitless opportunity."

Within his new role at Zwipe, Einar is tasked with leading the sales and marketing efforts on a global level, as well as supporting the CEO and management team in their go-to-market strategies.

Please help us welcome Einar to the team!