POSTED : 06,12,17 - 4:13 pm The Biometrics Decrypted Report is a comprehensive global pulse check on the latest developments and deployments of biometric authentication solutions in payment. It was carried out between August and November 2017 utilising comprehensive desk research and interviews with 15 leading international experts from banks, solution providers, analysts and academia.

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OSLO, NORWAY – 30 November 2017 –Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that the company has completed a $4.3 million (NOK 35 million) private placement of new shares to existing and new investors.

“We are pleased that our value proposition – easy, secure and fast authentication – is acknowledged by both our investors and partners, as demonstrated by this capital raise as well as the progress we see in all our verticals, said Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe, before adding:

“As a technology provider with a unique offering, we think we are perfectly positioned in the value chain to reap attractive margins and deliver scalability.”

Zwipe has developed the only commercially available fingerprint activated contactless payment card capable of operating without the need for a battery or fixed power supply.

“Our technology has been developed over the past 8 years, and is applicable to a wide range of verticals, including wearables, IoT, and smart cards,” emphasizes Humborstad.

So far, the company has commercialized two products, Access, and ID cards, which both have near-term revenue potential. In addition, Zwipe has developed a market-ready fingerprint activated payment card, which is widely expected to be the next generation mass market payment solution as confirmed by leading card manufacturers and payment schemes. The payment card is currently undergoing commercial pilots, making it the first such solution in the market.

Among the key milestones for Zwipe going forward, is the continued advancement of cooperation with global payment schemes, completion of pilots with multiple schemes and card manufacturing partners, commercial agreements for commercial deployment of payment cards and large volume contracts for access control.

This latest equity capital round follows Zwipe’s $4.5 million financing earlier this year and brings total raised in equity, debt, and grants since inception to $24 million. Zwipe’s is owned by both institutional and private investors, in addition to key employees and board members. After the transaction, subject to approval by an extraordinary general meeting held 7 December 2017, the CEO and founder, other key employees and board members will hold in total 26.6% of the outstanding shares.


About Zwipe
Zwipe is a technology company that is making biometrics easy by developing and commercializing award-winning biometric authentication solutions for three key areas: payment, access control, and ID. Zwipe’s versatile technology works with customers’ existing infrastructure and systems without the need for external databases, functioning with and without the need for batteries. The enhanced security enabled by biometrics coupled with the convenience of contactless provides the ideal platform for a next-generation smart card that also addresses the privacy concerns widely prevalent today. To see how Zwipe makes biometrics easy, visit

Zwipe IR Contact: Lisbeth Breum, CFO +47 93 22 81 26,

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Toronto, ON, Nov 21, 2017 – G4S, Canada’s leading security solutions company, will now offer its customers the latest in access control solutions thanks to an agreement with Zwipe, a world leader in biometric technology. Zwipe offers the world's smallest and most portable biometric reader, allowing companies to upgrade to dual factor authentication without having to change a single reader or install any additional infrastructure. All solutions function independent of a database, meaning that the user’s biometric information is stored only on the card and nowhere else.

Commenting on the new partnership, Tim Saunders, Chief Business Development Officer, G4S Canada said, "Upgrading to biometric authentication in the past has been seen as expensive and cumbersome, this is why we partnered with Zwipe, no need to change existing infrastructure and quick and easy deployment of biometric access cards that function independent of a centralized database, they do make biometrics easy!"

Zwipe Access is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless credential working seamlessly with existing 125kHz or 13.56MHz infrastructure, without upgrading or replacing any readers or backend systems. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a reader. Zwipe combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials. This solution makes the need for biometric databases, either on external servers or on cloud-based systems redundant, since the biometric data is securely stored on the card itself for each individual user. Only the rightful owner of the card can use it, and the fingerprint data cannot be deleted or extracted from the card.

G4S Secure Integration, a division of G4S Canada, is known in the industry for its proven experience as an established, large-scale systems integrator providing security solutions. G4S will introduce its customers to Zwipe’s biometric access card technology in a collaborative manner that effectively mitigates risk and maximizes return on investment

About G4S Canada

As Canada’s leading provider of security solutions, we offer an integrated security solutions approach. We will assess, integrate, equip and secure your environment. G4S employs thousands of Canadians and operates in offices across the country. For more information on G4S Canada, visit

G4S Media Contact: Katie McLeod (Communications) 647-678-5111
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November 15, 2017 Agoura Hills, California, USA - Chatsworth Products (CPI) has partnered with Zwipe®, a biometric technology company, to deliver a highly secure, easy-to-deploy, dual-factor biometric access control system for data center cabinets with Zwipe Access Cards and CPI Electronic Access Control (EAC) Solutions.

Elevating physical access control at the cabinet level provides a higher degree of security and control over IT assets and helps customers comply with security laws recommending dual factor authentication. Zwipe Access combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials in a durable, fingerprint-activated card. By touching the sensor on the card, the card owner verifies their identity, and the positive fingerprint authentication will allow the card to communicate with the reader. The fingerprint data is registered and securely encrypted and stored on the card, and only on the card, so there is no need to maintain and secure a separate back-end authentication database.

“Our unique technology, which directly addresses industry mandates to upgrade user authentication while maintaining their privacy, has been adopted and integrated in a wide range of high security environments, with many data centers around the world already using Zwipe Access as their primary method to enter secure areas. Working with Chatsworth Products, we are confident that our offering will now be available to an even larger market,” says Einar Boije, Sr. Vice President of Access Control at Zwipe.

Additionally, Zwipe Access is fully compatible with the vast majority of existing employee ID systems and CPI’s Electronic Access Control (EAC) Solutions. Together, these solutions deliver a highly secure dual-factor access control solution at a greatly reduced cost over traditional systems that require integration of biometric readers into every cabinet handle.

“We see the need to push security and authentication down to the cabinet level, and believe two-factor, biometric-based authentication is the most secure system available. Our solution offers several options and with our new partnership with Zwipe, we are providing a better solution to the data center community that is easy to use and maintain, as well as reduces the overall cost and complexity of deploying high security to the cabinet level,” states Ashish Moondra, CPI Sr. Product Manager of Power, Electronics & Software.

Additional benefits of Zwipe Access:

  • Recognizes unauthorized card use and eliminates threat of lost cards

  • Compatible with readers for 125 KHz, HID ICLASS and MIFARE® proximity cards

  • Addresses privacy concerns with on card biometric data storage

  • Delivers cost savings, as there is no need to change existing infrastructure to support biometric reading

Zwipe Access is deployed over existing readers, eliminating the high cost of converting readers for biometric scans.

For more information about how Zwipe Access works with CPI’s EAC to provide the highest level of security and accountability, click here.

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OSLO, NORWAY, 2 October 2017 – Zwipe has announced that it has made the first shipment of its biometric technology products, for use in commercial contactless biometric payment card pilots by leading card manufacturers and banks.

Commenting on the announcement Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe said “We now have extensive agreements in place with some of the world’s leading card manufacturers, paving the way for commercial deployment with banks over the course of 2018.”

In total, Zwipe’s card manufacturing partners represent over 40% of the global smart card market, per volume shipped per the Nilson Report. Zwipe has entered into seven new agreements with both card manufacturers and payments ecosystem partners with a focus on meeting escalating commercial demand for biometric smartcard solutions.

Zwipe received their first commercial orders for their contactless biometric payment card inlay in June of this year. Providing further insight, Pascal Dufour, SVP of Payment at Zwipe said “we have received additional orders based on progress made this summer for our solution which is fully market ready. Upon successful completion of pilots, commencing in the fourth quarter this year, our partners have communicated expected volume roll-outs numbering in the several hundred thousand range in 2018.”

The rapid growth of contactless payment is a key driver for the integration of biometric technology on conventional payment cards. Contactless payment card adoption throughout the world has seen double digit growth globally, and with that, contactless transaction fraud has also grown equally as fast.   Additionally, new regulation is seeking to address these challenges by mandating much stronger consumer authentication, as seen in the European Commission’s Payments Services Directive, PSD2. Biometric enabled contactless payment cards directly address these issues.

Zwipe’s biometric contactless payment card is the only smartcard solution commercially available, and the only solution capable of operating without the need for a battery or fixed power supply. Other biometric card concepts are most commonly capable of contact-only payment, or operate with the support of a battery.

Addressing the market and Zwipe’s position, Kim Humborstad added “The industry’s biggest movers, card brands, card manufacturers and key technology stakeholders across the ecosystem are investing heavily to gain an advantageous position in a market segment that is here now, with Zwipe being the leading technology provider.”

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OSLO, NORWAY – 22 September 2017 2017, – Biometric tech company, Zwipe, will be well represented at one of the world’s largest security trade shows, ASIS International 63rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits ( ASIS 2017 ) beginning next week in Dallas, Texas.

With over 22,000 industry guests from all the over the world and across the security spectrum expected to participate, ASIS is regarded as one of the world’s premier security events and will be a key showcase for Zwipe’s partner network in North America.

Commenting on Zwipe’s participation, Einar Boije, SVP of Access Control said “ASIS 2017 is an excellent venue for us to work alongside our partners who will be taking the lead in promoting Zwipe Access solutions to the largest security market in the world” adding “we see a fast growing need for increased security for access to buildings and systems. Zwipe’s biometric access cards are a perfect fit for all those companies and organizations that want to make this necessary upgrade, but without changing their existing systems.”

Zwipe Partners at ASIS 2017

Working through our partnerships with the ISG Network, one of Zwipe's partners present at ASIS 2017 will be Identisys. A major full-service security, identification, and card solutions provider representing more than 70 key manufacturers in the ID and security marketplace meeting customer needs in corporate, education, financial, gaming, government, healthcare, transportation, and other markets. Identisys is actively promoting and selling Zwipe Access and ID Solutions and they can be visited at booth #2015.

Identiv, Inc.
As we recently announced, Identiv, a world leading provider of physical security and secure identification will be demonstrating Zwipe Access cards at their booth #3617. Identiv will be providing formatting services for Zwipe and through this collaboration, Zwipe customers can now order Zwipe access control products pre-formatted with the most popular 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz smart card formatting schemes, enabling seamless integration with end-customer systems without the need for additional card formatting services by the integrator. This opens Zwipe to a large new customer base for the first time.

Allegion at booth #2333, E-line by Dirak at booth #714 and TZ who will be showing Zwipe Access at the ASIS Collaboration and Networking zone sponsored by Anixter at booth #3509.

ASIS 2017 will take place from September 25th to the 28th and will feature keynote addresses from former US President, George W. Bush, and serial tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban among others. Visitors from all over the world will gather to see the latest and greatest developments within a wide range of security applications in addition to educational seminars and presentations that will focus on the constantly evolving world of security.

If you are interested in meeting Zwipe while you are at ASIS 2017, please make contact directly with

Bob Fee, Director of Sales, Americas, +1 630 207 6148,

Einar Boije, SVP of Access Control & ID, +47 951 96 349,



Press Contacts

Ado Fazlic, Director of PR and Marketing at Zwipe,, +47 930 44 040
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OSLO, NORWAY – 14 SEPTEMBER 2017, – Identiv, Inc. (NASDAQ: INVE) today announced that the company has partnered with biometric technology company Zwipe for access control card formatting services. Identiv’s U.S.-based card service bureau is programming the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in Zwipe’s biometric credential line, providing all physical access control system (PACS) formats from Identiv’s portfolio. Identiv will present samples of Zwipe’s biometric cards during ASIS International 63rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2017) on September 26 – 28, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

In order to encode its biometric cards in a wide variety of formats, Zwipe connected with Identiv. Identiv’s encoding solutions are fast, flexible, and far less expensive than competing providers. Through this collaboration, Zwipe customers can now order Zwipe access control products pre-formatted with the most popular 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz smart card formatting schemes, enabling seamless integration with end-customer systems without the need for additional card formatting services by the integrator.

“Identiv is seeing strong growth in the interest for biometric-enabled access control solutions,” said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv Director Product Management. “The Zwipe credential products are very user friendly and offer a fast and efficient way for customers to upgrade to a biometric security level in their access control installations, without the need to change their readers and back-end system. We see a good market opportunity for Identiv by supplying formatting services for Zwipe cards, which we believe meets a strong and growing need in the marketplace.”

Zwipe’s biometric credential is delivered as credit card-sized card with a powerful, embedded biometric sensor for user enrollment and identity verification. After successful authentication via fingerprint, the radio frequency identification (RFID) interface of the card is enabled, allowing the card to behave like a typical access control credential.

“We are very excited to work with Identiv, as it allows us to address a large segment of customers for the first time — not just in the U.S. but across the world — thanks to the company’s expansive customer network,” said Einar Boije, Zwipe’s SVP of Access Control. “With Identiv’s capacity, we can now provide formatting services alongside our access control product lines, making it that much easier to integrate and deploy the world’s smallest biometric reader.”

Visit Identiv at booth 3617 during ASIS 2017 to see samples of Zwipe’s biometric credentials. To schedule a meeting during the event, please fill out this form. If your company has complex card encoding needs, contact Identiv at +1 888-809-8880 or



About Identiv

Identiv, Inc. is a global provider of physical security and secure identification. Identiv’s products, software, systems, and services address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of RFID-enabled applications. Customers in the government, enterprise, consumer, education, healthcare, and transportation sectors rely on Identiv’s access and identification solutions. Identiv's mission is to secure the connected physical world: from perimeter to desktop access, and from the world of physical things to the Internet of Everything. Identiv is a publicly traded company and its common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the U.S. under the symbol “INVE.” For more information, visit

Media Inquiries can be directed to 
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OSLO, NORWAY – 30 AUGUST 2017, – Identity and security company Nexus Group and biometric technology company Zwipe have signed a distribution agreement and launched the sale of Zwipe’s biometric access cards via the online portal Nexus GO Cards as a Service.

“We already offer a very wide range of card technologies, and we are excited to announce that you now also can get biometric cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor on your access cards,” says Nexus’s Jon Land, Managing Director for Norway.

Compromised security and illegitimate access to buildings and systems is a constantly increasing concern with government and private organisations alike. With Zwipe’s biometric access card, the user completes the identity verification process by simply placing their finger on the fingerprint sensor on the access card before presenting it to the card reader. Only the rightful owner of the card can use it, hence a lost or stolen card, or employees exchanging cards is no longer a security threat.

Einar Boije, SVP of Access Control at Zwipe, is pleased that Nexus will manage the stock keeping, personalization and distribution of Zwipe Access throughout 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Nexus is an established and rapidly growing company with an impressive customer base and a great partner network. Nexus’ online ordering portal enables end users and Systems Integrators to acquire ready programmed and personalized Zwipe Access cards rapidly and efficient. Our new partnership is making the Zwipe Access supply process just as straight-forward as its technology,” says Boije.

“Zwipe has developed a truly unique solution that suits companies and organizations that have a need for increasing their security – without making any costly and complicated changes to their existing access control system or security infrastructure,” says Land.

The user’s fingerprint is registered directly and only on the secure chip on the card, which means there is no need for biometric databases, unlike what is required with any other biometric access system.

“Zwipe’s fingerprint cards make biometrics easy and cost-efficient. Since we are all about innovative technology, Zwipe Access fits perfectly in our product portfolio,” says Land.



About Nexus Group

Swedish-owned Nexus Group is an innovative and rapidly growing product company, developing identity and security solutions. Its technology helps organizations digitize their operations in a secure way by enabling e-commerce and online banking, managing physical and digital access, securing access control, issuing access cards, enabling e-services in the public sector and protecting communication between things. Nexus has 300 employees across 15 offices in Europe, India, and the US, as well as a global partner network. Nexus’s mission is to contribute to the formation of a secure society, and everything the company and its employees do is guided by three core values: we care, we innovate, we are committed. For more information, please visit


Press Contacts

Carolen Ytander, CMO at Nexus,, +46 729 74 34 61
Jon Land, Managing Director for Norway at Nexus,, +47 977 30 269
Ado Fazlic, Director of PR and Marketing at Zwipe,, +47 930 44 040
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OSLO, NORWAY – 21 AUGUST 2017, – Biometric technology company Zwipe is proud to announce that Rose Bruford College, London’s International Drama School of Theatre & Performance has chosen Zwipe Access as the preferred solution for the prestigious school’s security needs both for students and staff. The deployment of the Zwipe biometric solution was secured by Kodit Security, Zwipe’s distribution partner and systems integrator in the United Kingdom.

Speaking on the selection of Zwipe Access, David White, Facilities Manager at Rose Bruford said ”the reason we chose Zwipe Access for our educational institution is that it is such a cost effective migration to Biometric Access Control which fits in perfectly with our existing system hardware and software platform.”

Kodit Security specializes in electronic and physical security systems and has an extensive client network in the UK.

Commenting on the deployment, Jack Reyner, Managing Director at Kodit Security said “Kodit Security UK has always maintained a very strong relationship with Rose Bruford College spanning over 15 years. Zwipe was the most obvious and easiest way to upgrade the institution’s current systems without the cost of upgrading existing infrastructure. The issue we had come across with other biometric solutions was the high cost involved with upgrading readers and software, if not the entire system. When we realised how simple and cost effective it would be with the Zwipe biometric access card, we grasped the opportunity. The support we receive from Zwipe is unparalleled and having worked with other solutions providers in the past, nothing else even comes close to what Zwipe can offer.”

Commenting on the order John Laws, Zwipe’s Director of Sales EMEA said “We are very pleased that Rose Bruford College has selected our solution and are very happy to be working with such a great partner in the UK, Kodit Security. We see the education sector as an ideal use case for Zwipe Access, as it allows institutions to integrate biometric access control in a quick and cost effective manner with existing infrastructure, either for the entire premises or for secure areas such as labs and data centers. We have seen great interest throughout Europe, and are currently making progress to secure deployments with several other universities.”


About Kodit Security UK LTD
Established by a team of experienced professionals with over sixty years’ industry experience, Kodit are specialist providers of electronic and physical security systems, featuring closed circuit TV, IP systems, access control and door entry systems, intruder and fire detection, gate automation and physical barriers, bollards, shutters and grilles. With a customer-centric focus Kodit will design tailor-made solutions for the prevention of losses due to theft, fraud and vandalism using innovative, leading edge technologies at competitive prices. For more information about Kodit please visit,

About Zwipe
Zwipe is a leading biometric technology company developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions that function without the need for batteries or fixed power supply and external databases. Zwipe’s award-winning solutions can be implemented in a wide range of high volume applications adapted to three key areas; payment, access control and ID. Together with industry leading partners and suppliers Zwipe offers unparalleled technical performance and peace of mind for both the organization and the end-user. For more information please visit

Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040
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OSLO, NORWAY – 16 AUGUST 2017, – Biometric technology company Zwipe is proud to announce that Priority Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd., a leading digital security provider and installer based in South Africa has chosen Zwipe Access as it’s preferred biometric access control solution. The two companies have signed a Distribution Agreement that includes the marketing, sale and distribution of Zwipe Access cards for the Southern African Development Community (SADC), representing a territory composed of 15 countries across the southern part of the continent.

Priority Group Holdings client network features end users representing some of the region's largest and most well-respected companies and organizations within the financial, healthcare and education segments.

Commenting on the new agreement, Kgaudi Mahlangu, Chief Executive Officer of Priority Group Holdings said “ We have been providing turn-key security solutions for our customers for some time and have seen a serious demand from our far reaching customer network for biometrics, after getting to know Zwipe, we felt that Zwipe’s portfolio of solutions provided the best combination of security and convenience that we could find,” adding “ we have already placed our first order, with the first deployment taking place in Q3 this year. We are confident that our customers will see the benefit of adopting Zwipe’s solution, because it is the easiest way to upgrade to a biometrics solution without needing to change their existing access control readers.”

Speaking on the new partnership, John Laws, Zwipe’s Director of Sales EMEA said “biometric authentication, and fingerprint scanning in particular, is rapidly being adopted in Africa, both for payment and for secure identification. With Priority Group Holdings experience in high security system integration, and with Zwipe’s unique on-card authentication solutions, the timing is now ideal to introduce Zwipe Access to the region,” adding “we are pleased that Priority Group Holdings has selected our solution, and we are excited that their customers are already testing Zwipe Access. We have seen great interest from governmental, institutional and enterprise customers throughout Europe and the Middle East, and we see the African market as key to our global growth strategy, this would not be possible without dedicated local partners like Priority Group Holdings who truly understand the local cultures, demands and the value of upgrading to biometrics at a fraction of the cost, all without needing to change or upgrade existing systems and infrastructure.”


About Priority Group Holdings (PTY) Ltd.
Formed in Pretoria, South Africa, Priority Group Holdings is a team of dedicated ICT professionals focused on providing, installing and servicing new technology platforms for a diverse network of clients operating in the healthcare, education and financial industries. Their motto is security simplified and as the company has grown over the last few years their security offerings have been tailored for Data Centre services, IT outsourcing and integration, network support and telecommunications services to high security integration projects. To find out more about Priority Group Holdings (PTY) Ltd. please visit

About Zwipe
Zwipe is a leading biometric technology company developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions that function without the need for batteries or fixed power supply and external databases. Zwipe’s award-winning solutions can be implemented in a wide range of high volume applications adapted to three key areas; payment, access control and ID. Together with industry leading partners and suppliers Zwipe offers unparalleled technical performance and peace of mind for both the organization and the end-user. For more information please visit

Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040
Priority Group PR Contact: Cynthia Morulane,, +27(0)12 686 9011