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ORLANDO, USA – 08 May 2017, – Biometric tech company Zwipe attended the Identification Systems Group (ISG) Annual Spring Conference this past weekend. The conference is an opportunity for ISG members from across North America to interact directly with vendors, industry specialists and each other by seeing what is new in the market both in terms of products and trends and also participating in the organization's on-going education and product training programs.

The Spring Conference is ISG's largest and most important private event. At this year's conference, Zwipe had the privlege of presenting both it's  Phyiscal Access and Logical ID solutions to the attendees.

Representing Zwipe at the event, Bob Fee, Zwipe's Director of Access Control Sales North America said "  Being able to show first-hand how simple it is to upgrade to two-factor authentication without having to change your existing infrastructure is a real eye opener for many. Seeing our biometric access control credentials up close and seeing how easy they are to use is key to securing the support of ISG members in selling and promoting our products."

In addition Zwipe also presented biometric enhanced logical access with Open Domain Sphinx Solutions, a technology company offering a wide range of logical access software applications.

About Identification Systems Group

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) was started in 1982 as an association for photo identification system dealers across North America to provide the best products, services, supplies, and information to their customers at the best possible price, and we are still committed to that very same mission.

ISG Members are an elite group of established professionals that understand the ever-changing markets that our clients represent and the products and solutions they need. With an established presence throughout the US and Canada, certified ISG Members are identification industry veterans that can work with you on any identification or identity management systems project large or small, local or nationwide. They also collaborate to provide consistent and cohesive services and technical support for clients with locations across state or country borders.

For more information about ISG please visit 

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OSLO, NORWAY – 24 April 2017, – Biometric tech company Zwipe last week signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Malaysian digital identity solutions provider IRIS Corporation Berhad (IRIS) and MCS Microsystems Sdn Bhd (MCS) to develop, manufacture and distribute Government ID and payment solutions based on Zwipe's biometric technology in Southeast Asia and other suitable markets worldwide.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, IRIS Corporation Berhad (ACE Market: IRIS) is an established industry leader in providing trusted identification and payment solutions and the inventor of the world's first multi-application eID smart card. IRIS has over 20 years of experience working in trusted ID and customers in over 30 different countries worldwide, spread across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. IRIS was also the first company in Asia to set up a fully integrated manufacturing facilities for contact and contactless smart cards.

Commenting on the new venture, Chas Yap, IRIS co-founder and technical adviser said " We are looking to work with Zwipe to merge finance and ID together. This synergistic partnership aims to integrate Zwipe's core technology with IRIS's expertise in smart card manufacturing to create competitive and innovative payment cards and government ID solutions not just here in Southeast Asia but globally."

Speaking on the value of this partnership Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe said "IRIS is a global player for ID solutions and has deployed millions of cards for government and institutional projects worldwide. We are excited about the partnership with IRIS and the opportunity they represent both within Payments and Government ID."


About IRIS Corporation Berhad 

Founded in 1994, IRIS Corporation Berhad (ACE Market:IRIS) is a MSC-status technology innovator and leading provider of solutions and advancements for trusted identification and payment. Since pioneering the world's first electronic passport in 1998, IRIS has set itself apart as a dedicated end-to-end systems integrator for eID, ePassport, border control, multiple credential identity management ecosystems, and payment systems for financial and transportation industries where authenticity, improved security, speed, accuracy and effectiveness are of paramount importance. IRIS' innovative solutions, applications and devices have been deployed in over 30 countries across the globe, reaching far into Asia, the Middle East and Africa. For more information about IRIS, please visit the company's website at

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Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040

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SINGAPORE – 19 April 2017, – Biometric technology company Zwipe will for the first time publicly demonstrate its dual-interface payment card in Singapore, April 19th and 20th, at Seamless Asia. The innovative payments solution is the first of its kind to fully integrate EMV compatible contact and contactless transactions.  Working with existing infrastructure the ISO and EMV compliant card operates without the need for a battery, allowing end-users to make limitless contactless transactions thanks to the advanced security enabled by biometrics. All biometric information is securely encrypted only on the card and nowhere else meaning that the solution works without the need for a database.

Commenting on the progress of its payment solution, Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe said “we have been working diligently to bring our biometric payment technology to market and the payment card, which we will be showcasing at Seamless Asia, will give attendees in Singapore a glimpse at what we have been demonstrating successfully behind closed doors in pilot programs over the last few months.”

Zwipe’s core technology is a payments system that is secured by biometrics and powered by near field technology. “We are not just integrating a fingerprint sensor into a traditional payment card. There are many unique components that are working seamlessly together to enable a more secure and user friendly experience with applications that go beyond cards.” commented Kim Humborstad, adding, “you do not need to sacrifice security for speed or a friendlier user experience, you can have it all.”

It is widely believed that adoption of biometric smart card applications and systems will happen this year with significant interest in Asia, Europe and North America. “From our discussions concerning the Asian marketplace with our partners in the region, we see our technology being deployed in Asia as early as this year.” commented Pascal Dufour, SVP of Payment at Zwipe, adding, “the technology is ready and our network of suppliers in the region has confirmed interest from multiple end customers.”

Seamless Asia 2017 will take place at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre in Singapore. To see live demonstrations and meet Zwipe’s Payments team please visit Zwipe at booth F03.


About Zwipe

Zwipe is a leading biometric technology company developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions that function without the need for batteries or fixed power supply and external databases. Zwipe’s award-winning solutions can be implemented in a wide range of high volume applications adapted to three key areas; payment, access control and ID. Together with industry leading partners and suppliers Zwipe offers unparalleled technical performance and peace of mind for both the organization and the end-user. For more information please visit


About Seamless Asia

Seamless Asia is the key meeting place for the brave new world of commerce. It is a new event built on 20 years of experience, a seamless continuity from Asia’s largest and longest running conference focused on cards and payments, to a dynamic summit and large scale exhibition bringing together the converging worlds of ecommerce, retail and payments. For more information about Seamless please visit the link here.

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Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic,, +47 930 44 040

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ORLANDO, USA– 31 March 2017, –The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) hosted their 10th annual ICMA Expo alongside the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit with the focus being "Adapting to the Wave of Change and Technology". Zwipe was invited to present and participate in a panel as part of the New Technology Spotlight.

Representing Zwipe, Joachim Tofthagen, Partnerships Manager said, " We were invited by Barry Mosteller, Vice President of ICMA and a leading figure at CPI Card Group, one of our closest partners. It was an opportunity for us to share with the Smart Card Alliance, progress that we have made on our technological development while also emphasizing where we see our technology going into the future."

ICMA represents nearly 250 companies in the card industry from around the globe. The global card industry generated 26.5 billion USD in 2016 and produced 35.4 billion new cards worldwide, according to statistics compiled by the ICMA. With an even greater focus this year on innovation, the event drew a diverse crowd of industry experts and major players in the payments industry.

Summing up the event Joachim added "We have known for some time now that the market is ready and looking to integrate our innovative biometric solution into the manufacturing chain. Meeting with stakeholders in the alliance we see this shift happening quickly and we believe Zwipe is well positioned to serve this market in 2017."


Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic, Director of PR & Marketing +47 93 04 40 40, 
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OSLO, NORWAY– 28 February 2017, –Zwipe shared 2016 fourth quarter business highlights this week as part of its investor presentation hosted by Carnegie Norway, a prominent Nordic investment bank.

Zwipe has continued to make progress on testing, product expansion and market development in all three product verticals, Payment, Access Control and ID solutions. With a focus on preparing for large scale commercialization, the company has invested in organizational development, internal infrastructure and customer-centric R&D.

On the payment side, the company confirmed that it is on track for an expected launch in 2017 of dual interface biometric payment cards while also sharing that it has entered new statement of work agreements with two multinational card manufacturers in the quarter.

Regarding Access Control and ID solutions, Zwipe was pleased to communicate a large follow-up order from an existing customer in the United States. The critical infrastructure company, with an extensive network of facilities across the West Coast made the order following a successful initial deployment. This comes on the heels of Zwipe confirming a new partnership with ISG, a network of 33 solutions resellers covering the whole of North America, providing entry to an extensive sales channel for both Access and ID solutions. In Asia, Zwipe signed a letter of intent with a prominent Chinese public transportation company, paving the way for increased global product deployment.

Further, the company raised NOK 36 million of new equity in February expanding the support shown towards the economic potential of Zwipe’s unique technology and offerings.


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Zwipe IR Contact: Lisbeth Breum, CFO +47 93 22 81 26,
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OSLO, NORWAY– 2 February 2017, –Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that the company has completed a $4.3 million (NOK 36.5 million) private placement of new shares to existing and new investors, including its newest board member, Jörgen Lantto, and other members of the board. This latest equity capital round follows Zwipe’s $5 million financing in 2015 and brings total raised in equity, debt and grants since inception to $19 million.

Started in 2009, Zwipe is focused on developing and commercializing secure, fast and easy to use biometric authentication solutions in three key areas: payments, access control, and ID. Within payment and identification cards, Zwipe has the world’s only biometric authentication engine that can perform full ID verification without the need for batteries or a fixed power supply.

Zwipe is pursuing a growth strategy and has strengthened its organisation, board, partnerships and market presence further during the last part of 2016 and into 2017. The company is preparing a commercial launch of technology for payment solutions and is now moving towards a larger scale product roll out.

“We are adding capital to strengthen our financial flexibility, assuring our ability to deliver on our positive and maturing partnerships across the world,” said Kim Humborstad, Founder and CEO of Zwipe, adding “this latest financing enables continued investment in organizational development, internal infrastructure and customer centric innovation on our biometric authentication solutions. We look forward to continue on our scale-up journey in 2017 and beyond.”


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Zwipe IR Contact: Lisbeth Breum, CFO +47 93 22 81 26,

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TOKYO, JAPAN– 26 January 2017, – Biometric technology company Zwipe was introduced this week to major card manufacturers and companies working in Fintech by Monica Mæland, the Norwegian Minister of Trade at a seminar organized and hosted by Zwipe’s partner in Japan, Hitachi High-Technologies.

The purpose of the visit by the Minister was to meet with Japanese and Norwegian businesses working together in Japan seeking to strengthen the strong cooperation between the two nations. With an emphasis on innovation, especially in Fintech, the Norwegian government has expressed a strong interest to support companies like Zwipe.

The cooperation between Hitachi High-Technologies and Zwipe was formalized with the outlook to collaborate on both technical and business development objectives. The Japanese market for both e-money and payment cards is fast growing as the people’s preference to use cash is shifting towards more secure and convenient alternatives. As much as 40% of all transactions are currently made with cash, according to the Japanese Fintech Association. In parallel with this shift the Japanese payment industry is recognizing the importance of adopting open world standards, targeting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 as the critical deadline for changes. This activity is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Additionally, biometric access control is seeing significant interest in the Japanese market, with many biometric alternatives already being adopted.

“At Hitachi we believe in collaborative creation and that is why we have partnered with Zwipe. The solutions offered by Zwipe in regards to payment, access control and ID provide complimentary offerings to our already strong and innovative solutions mix” said Ichiro Matsuba, General Manager, Electronic Components & Materials, adding “ we have already deployed Zwipe Access solutions in the market here in Japan and we have seen significant interest for both Zwipe payment and ID solutions.”

Zwipe was represented at the seminar by their SVP of Sales and Marketing, Einar Boije, who held an hour-long presentation to potential customers, representing major card manufacturers and companies working in Fintech. The presentation focused on familiarizing the attendees with Zwipe’s offerings as well as detailing Zwipe’s go-to-market strategy in Japan.

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Speaking on the event, Einar Boije commented “ We are very honoured to be working alongside our partners Hitachi High-Technologies and to have such positive support from the Norwegian government. Zwipe’s global expansion strategy is to establish and build strong partnerships with industry partners who have significant market impact and a high level of competence. With Hitachi’s market expertise and network we were able to bring together many important decision makers in the same room providing our partnership a real opportunity to take our business in Japan to the next level.”


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Zwipe PR Contact: Ado Fazlic, Zwipe, +47 930 44 040,

Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation PR & Investor Relations:
Shota Sano, Zwipe, +81-0-3504-3933


DUBAI, UAE and SHENZHEN, CHINA– 26 January 2017, – Zwipe is off to a busy start in 2017 with a range of activities across the world. The company had multiple teams active in the Middle East and Asia cultivating relationships with key strategic partners in both markets.

The access control sales team visited InterSec in Dubai, one of the world's largest security conferences. Alongside Zwipe's partners in the region, Mawarid Technology, the team was able to secure many important meetings with distributors and systems integrators who specialize in providing innovative solutions not just in the Middle East but Africa and Asia as well.

Speaking on the event, Zwipe's recently appointed Director of Sales EMEA, John Laws commented,"InterSec is a great event to meet all the major players in the region, especially considering our focus on government, health and military clients. Interestingly we were able to meet and showcase our solutions to both education and banking organizations as well, with many important follow-up appointments confirmed already."

Zwipe has put an emphasis on developing this market in 2017 and the company plans to participate in more large events like InterSec in the region this year.

A bit further east, ahead of the Chinese New Year, Zwipe and Kuang-Chi organized several meetings seeking to expand cooperation in China both technically and commercially. Meeting with potential new partners in the area and also many prospective clients.

" We were very happy to be hosted by Kuang-Chi in their offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We saw great interest in deploying our solutions in the region through partners whose customers include some of the largest companies and organizations, not just in China but across the whole of Asia. " said Einar Boije, SVP of Sales and Marketing.

Zwipe's sales and marketing team is currently in Japan as part of a previously arranged kick-off with their partner Hitachi High-Technologies.

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KANSAS CITY, USA– 13 January 2017, – Identification Systems Group (ISG) formally introduced Zwipe Access and ID solutions to it's extensive member network today.

Started in 1982 as an association for identification system dealers across North America. ISG is a network of local experts in identification, security and card personalization solutions, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by local dealers. Certified members are identification industry veterans that cater to projects large and small, local and nationwide, providing consistent cohesive services and technical support for clients with locations across state or country borders.

The 34 regional ISG member companies have more than 100 offices nationwide, located in every major metropolitan area, with over 500 sales and service experts with local support in most geographic areas across North America. Combined annual sales exceeds 300 million USD, with products and services being sold to a vast array of markets including, corporate, healthcare, education,  local, state and federal government, retail and hospitality and financial and insurance institutions.

Commenting on the new partnership, Bob Fee, Zwipe's Director of Sales for Access Control North America," ISG is an excellent platform for us to put our products in the hands of some of the most reputable distributors and integrators in North America. The extensive reach of the organization allows us to expand our sales  and also gives us an opportunity to present our solutions in exclusive events only accessible to certified ISG members."

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OSLO, NORWAY– 19 December 2016, – Biometric tech company Zwipe is pleased to announce the addition of Orlando Martinez as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and John Laws as the new Director of Sales Access Control EMEA.

Zwipe’s new COO Orlando Martinez has an extensive background in bringing innovative biometric technology to market and driving international business expansion and organizational development.

“We are entering a very important time at Zwipe, moving towards larger scale product roll out and having someone with Orlando’s pedigree join our team is a real triumph. His background and understanding of what it takes to grow a biometric technology company will be a great asset for our team,” said Kim Humborstad, CEO of Zwipe, adding “Orlando will play an instrumental role as we navigate the expansion and mature our capabilities.”

“I bring with me a deep appreciation for Zwipe and its unique biometric authentication solution. I look forward to leveraging Zwipe’s technology leadership and driving the implementation of the company’s exciting growth strategy”, Martinez said.

In 1999 he cofounded SecuriMetrics, a biometrics company that revolutionized identity management systems used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence communities, the company was acquired by L-1 Identity Solutions and merged into Safran’s MorphoTrust, today a leading identity solutions and services company in the U.S. At SecuriMetrics, Martinez was part of the team that started and scaled the company until sales reached approx. USD 50 million in 2007, at which point the company was sold and merged into a larger unit to strengthen growth capabilities. For 12 years, from 1999 to 2011, Martinez led a variety of operational, marketing, sales and business development positions at his first biometric venture, before he joined CGI Federal as the Director of Applied Technology & Cyber Solutions. He spent 4 years at CGI managing the CGI Security practice which included biometric based intellectual property as well as the Cyber Security offerings. Martinez joins Zwipe from IT performance management company Snarf Networks where he was the SVP of Business Development.

John Laws joins Zwipe with over 15 years of sales experience working with major accounts in the Access Control industry at industry giants HID and Honeywell. Prior to his career in the security industry he was a decorated infantryman in the British Army. His exemplary track record and diverse international network make him an ideal representative for Zwipe in key target markets all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Commenting on the new hire, Einar Boije, SVP of Sales and Marketing said, “John is a determined individual, with a demonstrated understanding of how to deliver innovative security solutions to a diverse set of clients. His addition to our sales team strengthens our ability to take Zwipe to new and larger volume clients in 2017.”

Find the full press release here.

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Zwipe PR Contact:  Ado Fazlic, Zwipe, +47 930 44 040,