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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS,  4 JUNE, 2018 - According to a research study completed by market research agency Motivaction, over 1000 respondents throughout the Netherlands representing a diverse range of participants from 18 to 65 years of age and older expressed their perceptions of contactless payment and biometrics as part of a study comissioned by Zwipe.


  • The Dutch like to use contactless payment, but want to do it safely, with most participants expressing concerns surrounding security

  • 50% believe that paying with biometrics will be the future of banking

  • Zwipe is the first to offer battery-less fingerprint recognition technology for payment cards

Contactless payment was introduced to the Netherlands in 2013.  Many Dutch consumers have been issued dual-interface payment cards and are using payment applications on their smartphones to complete contactless transactions where available. When completing a contactless transaction a consumer simply needs to present their card within close proximity to the payment terminal in order to complete the payment. To limit fraud and appease initial consumer concerns surrounding contactless, banks have imposed transactions limits. In the Netherlands card payments of more than 25 EUR require a PIN code, in addition to some older cards requiring a PIN code after five transactions below the limit. Most merchants and retailers support the latest payment terminal technology allowing for contactless payment.

The core findings support conclusions that Dutch people, young and old, find contactless payment convenient. On the other hand, the safety of contactless payment is still a concern, with over 60% fearing contactless skimming and close to 40% believing that it is not secure enough in general. With that in mind, half of the respondents surveyed want their current bank to offer fingerprint authenticated contactless payment as quickly as possible.

Developing innovative solutions that address this challenge is  Zwipe, a pioneer in the field of biometric technology and a leading innovator that has developed a unique technology platform that is embedded in battery-less dual-interface biometric payment cards that are currently being piloted by VISA in multiple regions.

"The research clearly shows that contactless payments in the Netherlands is something that Dutch consumers want," says André Løvestam CEO of Zwipe. "However, security has always been a concern. The fact that you still have to enter a PIN code when completing larger transactions amounts at the moment of payment makes the experience less frictionless and makes the average consumer hesitate to use it in the first place. Zwipe is the first to have developed an innovative and secure solution for integrating fingerprint recognition on payment cards, making the customer journey more frictionless and more secure simultaneously. This allows banks, who are competing like never before, an opportunity to offer their customers the best of both worlds: the ease and speed of contactless with stronger security."

Zwipe is presenting its unique technology offering at during Money20/20 Europe, from 4 to 6 June in the Amsterdam RAI.


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