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    Q&A - Press kit


    q: what is Zwipe?
    A: Zwipe is a biometric tech company that develops biometric authentication technology
    q: For what segments do we provide solutions ?
    A: Our biometric authentication engine can be embedded in a wide range of form factors, however our focus at present is in payment cards, access control cards and ID credentials or badges.
    q: What is zwipe’s core technology?
    A: Our core tech is focused along four central areas; biometric authentication algorithms, energy harvesting, production and application development
    q: What products are currently in development?
    A: We are developing products for the payments industry and the access control and ID markets where our technologically advanced solutions can immediately be integrated
    q: What are the key advantages of Zwipe’s products?

    Zwipe products simultaneously increase security utilizing our unique biometric authentication engine while making transactions faster and easier to complete. In addition to that, all of our products function without the need for an external database, meaning that end user biometric information is never compromised.

    q: How does zwipe compare to mobile solutions?
    A: The Zwipe Payment card is made to be compatible to almost all contactless and contact chip EMV terminals in the world, while mobile payment applications have great value in specific purchase situations, they are limited in terms of acceptance as well as they need a battery to operate.

    Press Kit

    Included in our press kit is both technical and promotional media. You will find product data sheets, case studies, promotional videos and our latest press releases. For inquiries please contact: Ado Fazlic, Director of PR & Marketing product-sheet Download our press kit



    At Zwipe we are always on the look out for the best new talent as well as experienced industry heavy hitters. We will be updating our list of vacancies shortly.