POSTED : 21,11,17 - 7:36 pm

Toronto, ON, Nov 21, 2017 – G4S, Canada’s leading security solutions company, will now offer its customers the latest in access control solutions thanks to an agreement with Zwipe, a world leader in biometric technology. Zwipe offers the world's smallest and most portable biometric reader, allowing companies to upgrade to dual factor authentication without having to change a single reader or install any additional infrastructure. All solutions function independent of a database, meaning that the user’s biometric information is stored only on the card and nowhere else.

Commenting on the new partnership, Tim Saunders, Chief Business Development Officer, G4S Canada said, "Upgrading to biometric authentication in the past has been seen as expensive and cumbersome, this is why we partnered with Zwipe, no need to change existing infrastructure and quick and easy deployment of biometric access cards that function independent of a centralized database, they do make biometrics easy!"

Zwipe Access is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless credential working seamlessly with existing 125kHz or 13.56MHz infrastructure, without upgrading or replacing any readers or backend systems. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a reader. Zwipe combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials. This solution makes the need for biometric databases, either on external servers or on cloud-based systems redundant, since the biometric data is securely stored on the card itself for each individual user. Only the rightful owner of the card can use it, and the fingerprint data cannot be deleted or extracted from the card.

G4S Secure Integration, a division of G4S Canada, is known in the industry for its proven experience as an established, large-scale systems integrator providing security solutions. G4S will introduce its customers to Zwipe’s biometric access card technology in a collaborative manner that effectively mitigates risk and maximizes return on investment

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