POSTED : 12,03,19 - 4:31 pm

OSLO, NORWAY - MARCH 12, 2019 -  The board of directors of Zwipe AS calls for an extraordinary general meeting to be held at the premises of Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig AS, Filipstad Brygge 1, 0252 Oslo, Norway on 11 April 2019 at 13:00 CET. Enclosed you will find the notice of the extraordinary general meeting.

The purpose of the extraordinary general meeting is to vote on:

  • -Establishment of a nomination committee

  • -Proposal on authorizations to the board on capital increase

  • -New provision in the articles of association on three-week notice period to a general meeting

  • -Remuneration to the members of the board

Notice of attendance, in person or by proxy, shall be given no later than 10 April 2019 at 16:00 CET. Shareholders are encouraged to register this electronically through the company’s website or through VPS Investor Services (where pin code and reference number is not needed). Alternatively, the attached form may be sent by e-mail to, or regular post to DNB Bank ASA, Verdipapirservice, NO-0021 Oslo.


For more information, please contact:

Lisbeth Breum, CFO

+47 932 28 126

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