payments solution

The Zwipe payment solution is the world’s first commercially available fingerprint activated payment card. With its unique energy harvesting technology, the dual interface payment card operates by simply taking the energy it needs from the payment terminal using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Fully compliant with EMV and standard POS infrastructures, Zwipe Payment combines the speed of contactless with the security of biometrics.

  • design
  • ISO7810 ID1 Format
  • power source
  • Real time reader RF-field energy harvesting from standard contact and contactless EMV POS
  • Supported Payment Chip
  • SLE78 *other contactless chips are available on request
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access control

With the Zwipe Access card, you can upgrade your existing access control solution to biometrics immediately and with little effort. With on-card enrollment and authentication, the card is unique to the user and only the authorized card holder can activate card communication with the reader. This means no more lending or borrowing of ID badges and a dramatic reduction in security concerns related to lost or stolen ID credentials.

No biometric exchange of data is conducted with external systems providing secure template management, eliminating integration, management and protection of a fingerprint database. Plus, privacy is maintained, no fingerprint is capture or retained by the issuing organization.

  • design
  • Clam-shell casing design
  • operation frequency
  • 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz
  • rf protocol compatibility
  • HID 125KHz Prox and EM 125kHz Prox, ISO 14443 A, MIFARE® Classic, DESFire® EV1, HID ICLASS, Legic advant and other transponders upon request
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Access control
demo kit

A Zwipe Access Demo Kit allows you to enroll a finger, authenticate and test the credential with your existing readers.

The Demo Kit comes with 3 credentials, each one with special demonstration firmware allowing a fingerprint to be deleted from the card; enabling everyone to test the enrollment and authentication process

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