POSTED : 31,03,17 - 6:08 pm

ORLANDO, USA– 31 March 2017, –The International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) hosted their 10th annual ICMA Expo alongside the Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit with the focus being "Adapting to the Wave of Change and Technology". Zwipe was invited to present and participate in a panel as part of the New Technology Spotlight.

Representing Zwipe, Joachim Tofthagen, Partnerships Manager said, " We were invited by Barry Mosteller, Vice President of ICMA and a leading figure at CPI Card Group, one of our closest partners. It was an opportunity for us to share with the Smart Card Alliance, progress that we have made on our technological development while also emphasizing where we see our technology going into the future."

ICMA represents nearly 250 companies in the card industry from around the globe. The global card industry generated 26.5 billion USD in 2016 and produced 35.4 billion new cards worldwide, according to statistics compiled by the ICMA. With an even greater focus this year on innovation, the event drew a diverse crowd of industry experts and major players in the payments industry.

Summing up the event Joachim added "We have known for some time now that the market is ready and looking to integrate our innovative biometric solution into the manufacturing chain. Meeting with stakeholders in the alliance we see this shift happening quickly and we believe Zwipe is well positioned to serve this market in 2017."


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