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OSLO, NORWAY – FEBRUARY 27, 2019 – Biometric technology company Zwipe has selected Fingerprint Cards’ T-Shape sensor for use in the company’s latest generation offering to be submitted for certification as part of Zwipe’s commercialization efforts for biometric payment cards. The selection is based on the sensor’s performance and scalability in mass volume production.

The selection also highlights Zwipe’s first patent* describing a method of manufacturing a smartcard with an on-board biometric sensor, where first a card body is formed having a circuit embedded within it, and then a cavity is formed in the card body to expose contacts on the circuit to connect to the biometric sensor. In the card manufacturing industry this production method is commonly referred to as post-placement, enabling industrialized manufacturing techniques such as hot lamination of plastic cards without damaging the sensor.

The T-Shape sensor is specifically designed to utilize this post-placement production method as it is the most efficient means of mass producing biometric smart cards. It is expected that, over time, a significant portion of biometric smart cards will be manufactured in this method. As previously communicated, fingerprint sensor suppliers are expected to sell sensors made for post-placement directly to the card producers as they will not be fixed to the card inlay before lamination.

The patent has been granted by the European Patent Office (EPO), as well as in the United States, China, South Korea and Australia. The patent was challenged in the EPO by multiple industrial groups. As a result, the patent is currently in an appeal process which is expected to take a minimum of two years if not longer to complete and finalize. During this period the rights granted under the EPO patent are upheld for the patent holder until a final decision is rendered.

Speaking on the selection André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe, said “we have a long-standing partnership with Fingerprint Cards and have chosen the T-Shape sensor because it gives our solution the quickest route to market, helping Zwipe offer a mass-market ready solution while leveraging our strong position in the value chain as evidenced by our patent portfolio.”



*Patent Numbers US9471825B2 / EP2842079B1 / KR 101758444B1 /CN 104380313B /AU2013252025/EP2842079B1

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