POSTED : 05,11,18 - 6:22 am

OSLO, NORWAY – November 5, 2018 – Biometric technology company Zwipe introduces a comprehensive range of white label fingerprint enrolment solutions for biometric payment cards, developed and designed for use by banks and issuers. The proprietary solutions include a secure at-home biometric payment card enrolment kit that fits inside an envelope and a software suite designed for banks to use in branch.

Biometric payment cards enable users to complete payment transactions by using their fingerprint as the primary method of user authentication. Reflecting regional differences in banking regulations and preferences, there are multiple methods of registering the user’s fingerprint on a card. In many parts of Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region issuers will prefer to mail biometric payment cards to their customers’ homes as is commonly done with today’s payment cards. In other regions, such as the Middle East and Africa, issuers will require customers to visit a bank branch to register their fingerprint. Zwipe is introducing solutions for both at-home enrolment and in branch enrolment.

Zwipe’s intuitive at-home enrolment kit has the card neatly fixed to a power source in a design much like a “powered greeting card”, which fits inside a traditional envelope, effectively turning the card on and off by opening and closing the enrolment kit. In this way, cardholders can securely register their unique fingerprint in the privacy of their own homes. Zwipe's enrolment solution is as fast and easy to use as consumers have become used to with their smartphones. Zwipe has protected the intellectual property associated with the user experience and unique technical and mechanical design. This short explainer video shows how the process will work. 

Commenting on this milestone for Zwipe, CEO André Løvestam said “Zwipe’s innovative home enrolment kit is an easy to use and cost-effective method of delivering cards to consumers and a critical piece in making biometric payment cards mass market ready.” He adds “Our solutions for fingerprint enrolment protect users’ privacy as the biometric information will only be on the card and no-where else. The solutions are based on Zwipe’s deep understanding of what is needed to ensure a convenient user experience for biometric payment cards, enabling customer enrolment and onboarding to become a new strategic business line for Zwipe.”

In addition to this offering, Zwipe is also releasing a software application, specifically targeting regions requiring in branch enrolment. This customizable white label product will allow varied stakeholders to securely enrol customers via a tablet or enrolment kiosk in the bank branch. The software will enable banks to brand and tailor their enrolment experience while quickly and effectively registering the customer’s fingerprint onto their new biometric payment card.

Zwipe will be demonstrating its fingerprint enrolment solutions at Fintech Connect Live, in London, on December 5th and 6th 2018.