Easy & cost-effective onboarding

Activate you card in the comfort and privacy of your own home

New cardholders receive their biometric payment cards in a conventional envelope in the mail, much like they do in many markets around the world today. With a PIN sent separately to authorize and enable the card, again following existing methods of card delivery and activation.

An intuitive process that takes less than two minutes

Using the kit found in the envelope the cardholder directly registers their fingerprint onto the card. The biometric information is securely encrypted and stored only on the card and nowhere else. As this process is not linked to any centralized or external database the cardholder's right to privacy is secured.

End to end white-label solution

With Zwipe's emphasis on user experience, we are able to customize and brand the entire biometric experience to further support the seamless integration of this innovation into any banks and issuers payment products portfolio.

Tailored to existing card fulfillment needs

Zwipe's secure at home enrolment options currently come in multiple form factors with Zwipe directly supporting the fulfillment process with bespoke advisory services to assist our customers in maximizing the integration and roll-out of Zwipe's unique technology.

API enabled

In addition to the enrolment kits, Zwipe has a full suite of applications that enable web or app based integration for all enrolment instructions, product usage and supporting materials capable of being customized to quickly adapt end customer branding and visual identity requirements.

Biometric Enrolment Tablet

Using Zwipe's proprietary software application, the rugged biometric enrolment tablet enables mobile registration and authentication of biometric cards by card issuers. These tablets can be utilized to quickly perform identity authentication and fingerprint enrolment either in a bank branch or other physical locations like post offices or even on the go when used by an authorized person.

Secure and Fast Identity Authentication

Giving the issuer peace of mind when rolling out biometric payment products, these tablets offer a branded customer touch-point that extends the issuer's ability to deliver trust in the form of innovation to its customers.

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