Masria Digital Payments selects Zwipe for biometric payments

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Masria Digital Payments selects Zwipe for biometric payments

OSLO, NORWAY – 25 March 2020 – Biometric technology company Zwipe is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Masria Digital Payments (MDP), one of the largest smart card manufacturers and digital payments providers in the Middle East and Africa to deliver biometric payments solutions to enhance MDP’s innovation product portfolio.

Zwipe will support MDP in integrating and rolling out biometric payment cards and eventually biometric enabled wearable devices to a region that has expressed significant interest in the technology.

“To continue MDP’s long tradition of technology leadership, we are integrating Zwipe’s current biometric payment platform now to educate the market and get prepared for Zwipe Pay ONE. We are confident that, when that becomes available, we will have banks across the region ready to take the next natural step in payment cards with us”, says Ahmed Nafie, EVP of MDP.

The Middle East and North Africa is seeing great interest in biometric payment solutions, especially biometric payment cards.

“Zwipe is thrilled to win a new strategic customer wanting to pilot our current product platform to pave the way for early deployment of our future offering, Zwipe Pay ONE. Working together we can unlock many opportunities in a part of the world that is proving to be a first mover when it comes to biometric payments” says André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.


About MDP

Masria Digital Payments (previously Masria Card S.A.E) is Africa's leading smart card solutions provider with a regional presence spanning 35 countries and 3 continents. Building on its vast sector experience, MDP has consistently introduced the latest technology in cards, payment security and smart applications to the Middle East and African markets. MDP also provides its partners with a complete card offering ranging from card production, personalization, issuance and fulfilment as a service or as a solution. MDP is the only end to end fully certified African payments solutions provider to offer a full card services, solutions, processing and digital payment suites to clients in the financial, government and retail sector under one roof.

For more information, please visit

For further information from Zwipe please contact:

André Løvestam, CEO, +47 991 66 135

Zwipe response to Covid-19

OSLO, NORWAY– 18 March 2020 – Zwipe’s CEO André Løvestam presented Zwipe at a RedEye Investor event in Sweden on 12 March 2020 where he addressed the ongoing global Covid-19 situation and its impact on the company’s operations: “To address the escalating situation regarding the Corona virus, it is important to acknowledge the global impact it is having. However, we want to stress that Zwipe carries on. We are a lean global team committed to our targets and, as we have done before, we are adapting quickly and effectively to the changing environment we operate in. Projects are ongoing, we have suspended travel, we are doing more video conferencing and ultimately continuing to do business as best we can in the face of this new adversity.”

The Zwipe team spans across Europe, the United States and Asia with more than 25% working permanently from home offices. The company has moved quickly to enact travel bans and new working standards enabling our staff to work from home offices as of 13 March 2020.

Commenting on the company and its plan to work through the current global situation, André Løvestam said “we are committed to the safety and security of our team members and their families and we are monitoring the situation closely. Some of our partners in China and Europe have been impacted, however, most of our ongoing efforts are not impeded by the current situation and we are confident that we will be able to weather the current downturn and look forward to share progress as we go forward.”


For more information contact: André Løvestam, CEO, +47 991 66 135

Zwipe Investor Presentation Nordnet Nordic Day

Zwipe's CEO André Løvestam is presenting Zwipe in Stockholm, Sweden at the Nordnet Nordic Day Event. The live event will begin streaming at 14:45 CET. Follow at the link here.

CEO André Løvestam presentation at RedEye

On 3 March 2020 André Løvestam presented Zwipe to investors at RedEye's Investor After-work event in Malmö, Sweden. Please find the video of that presentation at the link here.

Zwipe at Småbolagsjakten Live

Zwipe's CEO André Løvestam presented Zwipe at #Småbolagsjakten Live, see his presentation in the accompanying video, starting at minute 41:18.


Zwipe Investor Presentation March 2020

OSLO, NORWAY – 03 March 2020, 18:30 CET– Enclosed is the current version of Zwipe’s investor presentation that will be used in several investor presentations in March.

See the presentation at the link here.


For more information please contact: André Løvestam, CEO, +47 909 43 660