The ease of contactless with the reliability of biometrics

First mover in the design and deployment of biometric payment solutions

Zwipe's biometric payment platform is the most widely piloted solution in the emerging marketplace and has been progressively updated in terms of performance and cost to meet and exceed growing market expectations.

Friction-less thanks to contactless

Zwipe's technology is dual-interface, securing both contact and contactless based payments at checkout. The development of digital authentication solutions that address card not present transactions is underway with industry leading partners.

Biometric Engine

When a user's fingerprint touches the fingerprint sensor on the card, this engine roars to life activating the advanced biometric authentication process, which is operating in an ultra-low power environment, enabling a user to complete a secure contactless transaction in under a second.

Power Management & Harvesting Systems

Powering this transaction are Zwipe's proprietary on-card and on-device systems that utilize near field communication (NFC) energy to activate highly secure and sensitive applications for payment or authentication without the need of a battery.

Extensive Intellectual Property

Enabling the biometric engine and power management systems and one of its defining differentiators, Zwipe's extensive patent portfolio covers manufacturing & production methods, biometrics, power management, and security applications.

The future of payment is biometric, lets collaborate?

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