Zwipe Access

What is Zwipe Access?

Zwipe Access is a biometric smart card solution for access control. It is fully compatible with existing market-leading card-based access control solutions. On placing the card near a compatible reader, the access control application on the card invokes the card’s biometric cardholder verification function to perform entry validation. An access code is only computed if the biometric verification is successful.

Zwipe’s solution delivers the following six main benefits compared to existing access control solutions

Addresses Unauthorised Access through Positive User Identification

Zwipe Access adds two-factor authentication to existing contactless card-based access control systems. The biometric authentication provides assurance that only the legitimate cardholder is granted access. This provides a significant improvement over existing solutions where any user of a card is granted access regardless of whether they are the legitimate holder or have, for example, simply picked up the card and are trying to gain access without permission

Simple & Intuitive to use

Zwipe Access cards operate in the same way as existing access control cards but supplement their security level significantly. When the user places their finger on the fingerprint reader integrated in the card and holds the card close to the card reader, the existing reader confirms that access is granted. The quality fingerprint sensor embedded into the card reliably identifies the authorized user providing an experience and operational environment that is virtually unchanged and making roll out and adoption much simpler.

Cost Efficiency through re-use of the existing infrastructures

An improvement in access control security can be introduced without needing to upgrade any of the existing infrastructure, meaning that no new readers, pin pads or cameras need be installed at the door, gates, or turnstiles. Authenticating legitimate access card holders, Zwipe Access provides a step change in security without even changing the existing backend infrastructure as the new card is fully compatible and consequently appears to be identical to the existing, non-biometric, cards.

Hygienic & Contactless Solution

The Zwipe Access card cannot be shared by users and there is no need for any physical authentication device within the doors, gates, or turnstiles, therefore there is no risk of transmission of germs through shared reading devices or the fingerprint sensor on the card. The Zwipe solution overcomes any user concerns over having to share devices providing the potential for a completely touch-free environment.

Addresses Security & Privacy concerns

In this Biometric System-on-Card solution, the fingerprint capture is performed by the on-card sensor; feature extraction and comparison are performed within the card’s secure microcontroller. This means that the biometric data never leaves the card and therefore any data security or privacy concerns are alleviated. When an employee returns the card, the data can be securely erased from the card.

Full Solution including Enrolment

Cardholder enrolment is the process of initially registering the fingerprint data for the authorised user onto their card. This process is done on-card, using the fingerprint scanner embedded into the card. This process can be performed at the same time the card is issued to the user. Zwipe provides multiple ways to enrol a card including providing a library for a systems integrator that allows their application to communicate with the card during enrolment and provide user feedback to streamline the process.

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