A strong position in the emerging biometric payments market

Key facts

Zwipe AS is a registered business entity headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a wholly owned subsidiary, Zwipe America, Inc., a registered business entity in Colorado Springs, USA. Zwipe AS is currently listed on the Oslo Børs Merkur Market stock exchange under the symbol ZWIPE-ME.

The company was founded by Kim Kristian Humborstad in 2009, with a focus on developing biometric authentication solutions that combine the security of biometrics, with the convenience of contactless. At the heart of the company's value proposition is a desire to revolutionize the use of technology in building trust between people and systems. A commitment to user experience is central to the company's mission of making convenience secure.

The company currently has over 40 employees operating in four different time zones, representing 12 different nationalities. The vast majority of Zwipe's team is operating in technical and engineering positions. With many recognized industry experts in the fields of payments, semiconductors, card manufacturing and near field communication technology.

This commitment to innovation across borders has driven Zwipe to become a truly global workplace. The company's administrative headquarters is based in Oslo,Norway. With several commercial resources remotely operating in the UK, France, Italy and Taiwan. The company's R&D team is based in Colorado Springs, USA, while the company's European tech hub is based in Munich, Germany.

Financial Analyst Coverage

Zwipe is covered by Viktor Westman of Swedish equity analyst firm Redeye. Redeye's initiation report, published 19 Feb. 2020, can be found and downloaded at the link below:


Redeye's update on the Initiation Report, published 07 Apr. 2020, see link below:

Zwipe: Strength of biometric contactless illuminated

Redeye published a follow-up research note on 20 Apr. 2020 see link below:

Zwipe: The IDEX collaboration is positive news for the market

Redeye published a research note on 07 May 2020 see link below:

Zwipe: Busy Q1

Latest Investor Presentations

1. Zwipe's CEO presented at Redeye Growth Day 2020 Event on 2 June 2020

To see the full presentation which is in Norwegian/Swedish please click the bold text here.

2. Zwipe Investor Presentation:

André Løvestam, CEO

presenting at RedEye Investor meeting 12 March 2020 (English)

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Financial calendar 2020

  • Interim Report January-June 2020
    August 27, 2020
  • Financial Year 2020 Annual Report
    February 25, 2021
  • Annual General Meeting
    May 19, 2021
  • Interim Report January-June 2021
    August 26, 2021
All dates are subject to change.

Investor Relations

Lars Kristian Solheim, CFO

Top 20 Shareholders

Zwipe AS shares are registered in Euroclear (EC) listed on Nasdaq First North and Verdipapisentralen (VPS) listed on Oslo Børs Merkur Market.

Articles of Association for Zwipe AS

Please find the Articles of Association for Zwipe AS at the link.



Certified Adviser

FNCA Sweden AB

Visiting address: Humlegårdsgatan 5, 102 48 Stockholm, Sweden


info@fnca.se +46 8 528 00399

Strong Management Team and Board of Directors

A shared and focused vision on how to create long-term sustainable value, Zwipe is led by a team with deep understanding of the ecosystem, industry and company. Zwipe's Board of Directors features members with diverse, deep industry knowledge and complementary skills

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