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Zwipe is a biometric technology company that develops and sells biometric authentication technology platforms that can be integrated into payment cards and wearable devices. Enabling fingerprint sensors to operate without the need for a battery

The payments ecosystem is seeking to overcome barriers that make it more difficult to complete contactless payments. One of the main obstacles is security, as more security has commonly meant less convenience. Banks and issuers have imposed contactless transaction limits, capping the amount you can spend via contactless payment as a means of stemming fraud to try and address this barrier. This has stymied the use of contactless cards and wearable devices. By incorporating biometrics, fingerprint sensors, without impeding the speed and functionality of contactless transactions, Zwipe is enabling contactless payments to happen above and below transaction limits. At the same time Zwipe's technology works independent of centralized databases, meaning that the user's biometric information is only on the device and no where else, protecting their information and right to privacy.

Our biometric engine can be embedded in a wide range of form factors, however our focus at present is developing products for the payments industry, for incorporation into payments instruments like cards and wearable devices

Our core technology is focused along four central areas; energy harvesting and power management systems, biometric authentication algorithms, production and application methods at scale

We are developing biometric platforms or inlays that are integrated inside traditional payment cards, and most recently in biometric enabled wearable devices, where our inlay is optimized to fit inside the even tighter confines of a wristband or watch strap, enabling a more secure contactless payment experience

Zwipe's solutions are a unique mix of products and services enabling our customers to integrate biometrics easily and seamlessly. Our focus on user experience and industry leading live-environment piloting have given us an edge in tailoring both technical and commercial offerings to our growing customer network

In the emerging biometric payment solutions marketplace, there is an environment of collaborative competition, where many close collaborators are also competing both directly and indirectly. Competition is key to seeing mass market development. Currently there is no direct competition, between Zwipe and another similar technology provider, however, there are competing collaborations between fingerprint sensor, semiconductor and card manufacturers all seeking to offer similar products to Zwipe. At present Zwipe is working closely with an extensive network of industry leading partners and customers and is strongly positioned in this marketplace.