The Next Generation Contactless Payments Experience

Simplifying the Payment Experience

Paying with Zwipe Pay ONE is as easy as grabbing the card with the thumb over the sensor and holding it close to the reader. Initial fingerprint registration is easy, too: just touch the sensor 10 times and you are ready to go. That’s what we mean by Making Convenience Secure Watch the video to find out how it works.

Customer Loyalty and Extra Revenue

Consumers appreciate enhanced security. They just don’t want the extra hassle. Surveys show that more than 3 of every 4 consumers want a biometric payment card as their next bank card. And they are willing to pay for it. Issuing biometric payment cards will give you both: increased customer loyalty and top-of-wallet and extra revenue. What are you waiting for?

Fast Time to Market and Quick ROI

Cards based on Zwipe Pay ONE technology can be manufactured with the same production equipment that's used to produce existing dual interface payment cards. Some re-tooling is required, but there is no need to purchase dedicated equipment. Lamination is no harder than other dual interface cards.

You can also leverage on Zwipe’s certification test results with the major payment schemes. This means fast time to market and quick return on investment. Contact us for a quotation!

Zwipe Pay ONE, thanks to its single chip innovation, offers superior energy efficiency and excellent biometric performance at significantly lowered manufacturing cost, giving banks the most cost-efficient means of addressing consumer concerns about safety and security

Enabling an omnichannel experience

Our mobile app will help the end users to smoothly enrol their fingerprints on the Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment cards. This solution can be integrated with the issuers’ mobile apps ensuring a truly omni-channel experience.

Global Delivery Ecosystem

Our partnership with leading smart card manufacturers and personalization and fulfillment centers covers many continents, ensuring that Zwipe-enabled payment cards are delivered to banks and consumers globally

The future of payment is biometric. Let's talk!

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